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Tiara Jade Chutkhan is a writer and book blogger working in the Canadian publishing industry. Through her platform, Tiara strives to promote diverse and culturally specific literature. Her blogging has led her to opportunities to review books for HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, Simon and Schuster and Dundurn Press. Tiara’s Indo-Caribbean heritage is the focus of most of her written work and she strives to create representation for her community through her projects.


Following the release of her first book, Two Times Removed: An Anthology of Indo-Caribbean Fiction, in May 2021, Tiara had the opportunity to speak on several CBC radio stations, including All in a Weekend and In Town and Out. In October 2021, she was featured on the debut episode of CBC’s “Rediscovering Culture” series. In June 2022, she released the sequel, Two Times Removed Volume II: An Anthology of Contemporary Indo-Caribbean Stories. The third and final volume in the series, Two Times Removed Volume III: An Anthology of Indo-Caribbean Futures, was released in May 2024. 


Tiara’s work has been published in the Caribbean Camera, Brown Gyal Diary, The Radar, Write Magazine, Caribbean Collective Magazine, and Brown Girl Magazine. 

Tiara is currently the Marketing Coordinator at Diaspora Dialogues, Brand Marketing Intern at HarperCollins Canada and Editor-in-Chief at Brown Gyal Diary. 

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