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Book Review: Christmas at Little Street Bakery

Christmas at Little Street Bakery is the third book in the Little Street trilogy written by Jenny Colgan.

I picked this book up looking for a cute and fun read for the holiday season, unaware that it was a series. That being said, these books don't have to be read in order and the author provides a quick little synopsis at the beginning to give context to characters and setting.

The story follows Polly Waterford and her boyfriend Huckle in their charming village of Mount Polbearne. Polly is a baker at the Little Street Bakery and Huckle is an artesian honey maker. The couple live in a lighthouse with their pet Puffin Neil. As the holidays are approaching, things begin to get busier than ever for Polly. To make matters worse, her best friend Kerensa has dropped a huge secret on her that changes everything. Polly continues to get responsibility dropped on her, with catering large parties, having a stand at the community market, saving the Puffin sanctuary (which is in desperate need of funding) and her personal affairs.

All poor Polly wants is to cuddle up with Huckle and enjoy tasty treats and time together for the holidays.

Along the way, Polly learns the story of the father she never knew from her tight lipped mother who has refused to share anything in the past. Polly struggles with taking the next steps in her life, whereas Huckle can't wait for them to be married and start a family. By digging into her past, she's able to find peace with the things that have nagged at her for years.

The meaning of family, love, relationships and community are huge in this story from start to finish.

I absolutely adored this book from the minute I began reading. Polly and Huckle are adorable and their life is charming in every way. Their friends and community are equally charming and bring the book to life with each interaction. I originally thought this would be a lighter read and didn't expect the amount of twists and turns that came. At some moments I found myself so on edge hoping things would turn out for the best for everyone.

The village of Mount Polbearne is a cobblestone gem, surrounded by water and small shops that would make anyone want to visit (seriously, Google it— it's beautiful!)

Overall, Christmas at Little Street Bakery was a charming, exciting and cozy read. Jenny Colgan adds a few yummy recipes at the end of the book, including a Hot Chocolate recipe I'll be trying very soon! The characters are so lovable and I'll definitely be on the lookout for the other books in the future.

My rating: ★★★★★


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